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All Inclusive Manatee Swim & Snorkel Tours.


Crystal River, Homosassa, Tampa & Orlando Area.

Thank you for your interest in the all inclusive private manatee tour. This is the best manatee swim tour of them all our 32 foot Nautaline houseboat named the Yabba Dabba Doo offers all the luxuries of home while swimming with the manatees how cool is that? The manatee tour is all inclusive so it includes all your, Snorkel Gear, Wetsuits and meals for your adventure. Why choose us you may ask? Well we avoid the crowds our tours has no more then 6 guests at a time and more amenities then our competition we are certain we do! If you have anything electrical you need to bring along such as, Camera Chargers, Hair Dryers ect this boat has you covered it is equipped with the top if the line inverter system "WE DO NOT USE PROPANE" so you can be assured you are safe and the Coast Guard likes it this way also. The cost for the tour is $99 per person with a minimum of 3 guests or flat rate of $600.00 for the boat. The manatee tour is 4 hours in duration it offers a continental breakfast, or lunch depending on your tour departure time. So with all these "Amanatees" what are you waiting for lets go swim with the friendly florida manatees on your very own all inclusive private tour. All tours subject to availability please call ahead.



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All manatee tours are conducted 7 days a week ALL year round we do have manatees but we cannot guarantee how many there will be on a summer day and how well they will socialize on any given day the manatee is a wild animal. Please call at least 7 days in advance although you may call anytime for availability. Please note each guest must know how to swim and not exceed 325 LBS for this excursion. Please NO drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during swim tours thank you for your cooperation.

1. Small Personal Groups

2. We have real electric heat not just an enclosed pontoon boat as we do get into the 30's at night during the winter months in Florida yet the springs are warm at 72' F 22 C

3. You get food and drinks.

4. Tours are on a houseboat how cool is that?

5. Family Friendly Staff

6. A/C on hot summer days if needed.

7. Everything is included with no hidden fees we avoid the *

8. We stay out longer we do 4 hour tours not 2-3 hour tours.

9. We have TV for non swimmers or they can observe just do what you like we keep it freestyle.

10. Last but not least a working bathroom!


1. Do I need to know how to swim? Answer: Yes you should know how to swim as we can be in water over your head but always welcome observers.

2. Do I need to bring towels? Answer: Yes you should bring towels from were you are staying.

3. Is there a bathroom on board? Answer: Yes we have a fully functional restroom

4. Is there an age limit? Answer: As long as you can swim and don't have any major health problems there is no age restriction.

5. Are we allowed to touch the manatees? Answer: Yes you can and the manatees are very friendly state asks not to use more then one hand only but passive observation is the best key to having a good experience.

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