Private Manatee Tours                                                                continental breakfast

Thank you for your interest in our all private manatee tours. This is the best manatee swim tour of them all, Our 36' Nautaline Houseboat named the Yabba Dabba Doo offers all the luxuries of home from Satellite TV, Food, hot shower and even wifi internet access. This tour like all our other tours includes all the gear needed for your adventure such as your Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Wetsuits. This tour has far more amenities then our other competitors have to offer WE GAURANTEE IT! If you have anything electrical you need to bring along such as camera chargers, hair dryers this boat has you covered it is equipped with the top if the line aims power inverter which provides enough AC power to run your entire house back at home "WE DO NOT USE PROPANE" so you can be assured you are safe and the Coast Guard likes it this way also. The cost for this tour is $99 per person for groups of 3 or less (minimum 2 person required) or Group rate DISCOUNT for groups of 4-6 passenger flat rate fee of $350.This Tour is 4 hours in duration and does offer a continental breakfast, So with all these "Amanatees" what are you waiting for lets go swim with the manatees on your very own private manatee tour. The average cost per person for group of 6 is $58.33 what another great perk!



All manatee tours are conducted 7 days a week ALL year round we do have manatees but we cannot guarantee how many there will be on a summer day and how well they will socialize on any given day the manatee is a wild animal. Please call at least 7 days in advance although you may call anytime for availability.