Manatee Tours 

Ready for an adventure? Join us to tour to swim with the manatees You will enjoy having all the comforts of home while aboard. We have a fully functional restroom and lots of area to relax in the shade so you will always be kept comfortable. So climb aboard with the captain and he will take you up the Homosassa or Crystal River were you will set anchor for a fun filled morning or afternoon with the manatees. When done swimming with the manatees you will be able to enjoy the the wonderful cruise back to the dock and maybe even spot some dolphins and even real life monkeys on monkey island. All tours are 3 hours in duration with a 2 person minimum and will include cold or hot beverages such as hot chocolate or coffee. Please note all tours are by opointment only. All houseboats are heated during the winter months. We hope to see you soon. On this wonderful once in a lifetime experience. Be rest assured we are currently a TripAdvisor Award Winnder so please dont hesitate to check out our reviews!! You may also be intrested in our ultimate full private tour. Please click here for more information on that tour.

65.00 Per Person Minimum of 2 Persons

$15.00 Wetsuit Rental Optional During Summer Months As It Is HOT! Required During Winter



1. Small Personal Groups
2. We have heat. Not just an enclosed pontoon boat as we do get into the 30's at night during the winter months. In Florida the springs are warm at 72' F 22 C
3. You get food and drinks.
4. Tours are on a conducted on a houseboat ?
5. Family Friendly Staff
6. Everything is included with no hidden fees
7. We stay out longer we do 3-4 hour tours.
8. We have a bathroom! onboard the boat!

1. Do I need to know how to swim? Yes. You should know how to swim as we can be in water over your head but we always welcome observers.
2. Do I need to bring towels? Yes, you should bring towels from were you are staying.
3. Is there a bathroom on board? Answer: Yes, we have a fully functional restroom
4. Is there an age limit? As long as you can swim and don't have any major health problems there is no age restriction.
5. Are we allowed to touch the manatees? Answer: Yes, you can and the manatees are very friendly.



Cancelation Policy


All manatee tours are conducted 7 days a week except for summer holidays and holiday weekends although we are open on all winter holidays and weekends. With that being said we have a sister company that more likely be able to accomodate you if we do not have availibilty for your date. Just visit We have a 4 person minimum for our semi private tours. We have manatees all year round but cannot guarantee how many there will be on any given day. The manatee is a wild animal and do not fear human interaction but we cannot gurantee how they will socialize on any given day.  Please call at least 7 days in advance although you may call anytime for availability. Unless you are on a private tour please be on time because other will want to get underway. It is very important that you allow adequate travel time. The boat can not wait longer than 10 Mins. past your scheduled departure time. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will have to reschedule